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© 2021
Jess Willa Wheaton 
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Currently under construction (1.18.21) ︎
© 2021 Jess Willa Wheaton
All Rights Reserved

Back Ups (Aeroplanes - Heraldry)

Self-published artist book
Back Ups (Aeroplanes - Heraldry) documents the ____ most interestingly conflicted reverse sides of images - present in the California College of the Arts’ Meyer Library picture file until 2009 - beginning with the subject file “Aeroplanes” and ending with the subject file “Heraldry.” As the reverse sides of the “official” picture file images, the presence and preservation of these second-class images was incidental. But - it is these reverse sides that bear the subject name given to the “official” image on their flipside. The information is mismatched, and the interesting tension produced between these labels and the image they might seem to label (but don’t) is the subject of this work. The best are here, and the cover page reproduces the manila folder one used to check out one’s hand-picked selection of images from the library collection. 

This project would not have been possible without the wry co-conspiratorial enabling of my boss at the time, Donald Smith. Thank you Donald.